ISM Corporation Corporate Information

Date of Establishment: Decenber 18,2001
Head Office: Sinon Haramachi Bldg. 2F 1-16-5 Haramachi Meguro-ku Tokyo Japan 152-0011
TEL +81-3-5720-1201
FAX +81-3-5720-1202
Amount of Capital: JPY27.45million
Bank Reference-Japan: The Resona Bank,Ltd.
The Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ,Ltd.
Board Members President Ken-ichi Itamiya
Director Koichi Masuda
Director Akihiro Itamiya

Work Contents

1.Sales and analytical consultant of calculation fluid dynamiics simulation software "Nagare" (ICFD Ltd.).
2.Various analyses and consultants utilizing high-resolution satellite image.
3.Consultation of selection of construction place of wind plant using fluid dynamics.
4.Meteorological analyses and air pollution simulation analysis by using 3D-CG.
5.Consultation of surveillance camera system.
6.Overseas technological investigation.
7.Development, sales, and support of the remote collaboration system "Neue Luft".
8.Development, sales, and support of the automatic lecture recording system "Neues Licht".


■The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated
■Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
■The University of TOKYO
■Keio University
■Kitasato University